Commissioned vs. Non-Commissioned Security Officers

Written by twla_developer on April 28, 2015

guardwgunIn the state of Texas, the title “commissioned security officer” is used to describe security officers who are authorized to carry firearms. These individuals have completed advanced security training and are often employed to protect money, expensive items or high-security locations.  If your security needs include perceived or actual threats to life and/or you are worried about the safety of your customers and staff, a commissioned security officer may be the best choice for your business.

Non-commissioned, or unarmed, security officers’ duties are limited to the functions of observation and reporting. Non-commissioned security guards are a popular choice when the threat level is low and/or  the use of an armed officer could cause undo concern. Situations that may dictate the use of an unarmed officer may include school settings, traffic control services, entry access control (i.e. apartment complexes) or surveillance work. If the threat level at your business is low, a non-commissioned security officer may be best suited for your needs.

S.E.A.L. Security Texas can provide both commissioned and non-commissioned security officers, and all of our officers are licensed, insured and well-trained. Our commissioned security officers receive extensive training in firearms and use of force. Although not all of the commissioned security officers employed by S.E.A.L. Security Texas have military or law enforcement experience, a good majority of them do. Also, all of our security officers, commissioned and non-commissioned, are required to undergo rigorous background checks prior to employment in order to provide you with the best possible protection.

S.E.A.L. Security Texas offers unique security guard and patrol services for Commercial and Residential areas in the Houston metropolitan area. To learn more about our services or hire qualified security professionals, please contact us today.