Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Private Security Company

Written by twla_developer on April 28, 2015

SEAL-Security-Apartment-Patrol (1)Choosing the right private security company is one of the most important decisions you, your business or your community will ever make. You are entrusting your property and your safety to this company and the officers they employ.  Asking the following questions will help you make the right choice when selecting a private security company:

Is the company licensed?

In the state of Texas, private security companies must be licensed by the Department of Public Safety. The private security company must document employees, which includes taking their fingerprints and sending their information to the Private Security Bureau so a criminal background check can be conducted. Contracting with an unlicensed company could mean you are letting a felon or sexual predator into your place of business!

Do they have references?

Ask for current references and contact them. Find out how long they have been using the private security company, what specific services they are receiving and what their experiences have been.

Is the company insured?

Make sure the private security company you are considering carries general liability, workers comp and business insurance. A one million dollar policy is industry standard.

Do the security officers present a professional image?

If the company’s security officers don’t wear uniforms or if they patrol in plain white vehicles with no logos then you need to ask some hard questions. Is the company reliable? Fly-by-night? A professional appearance means a clean fleet of easily identifiable patrol vehicles and officers who wear uniforms with logos. Security officers shouldn’t arrive for duty in t-shirts and jeans.

Are they the lowest bidder?

The lowest bid is not always the best and may be cheap for a reason. If a private security company’s prices are significantly lower than others, they may plan to cut expenses by hiring unskilled workers or failing to have proper insurance. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

Does the company monitor its guards?

Many security guards are on duty at night, on weekends or during off-hours when the security company’s office is closed, and lack of oversight is one of the top complaints in the private security industry. A reputable private security company should maintain a clear chain of command with management and supervisors staying in contact with guards on duty to ensure a consistent level of service. Here at S.E.A.L. Security Texas we have designed and implemented a GPS tracking center that monitors every officer on patrol with an automated system that updates regularly on a predetermined schedule thus ensuring the safety of every officer as well as monitoring each officer’s movement and coverage area on the property.

Will I receive a written report of incidents on my property?

Reputable security companies maintain log books, incident reports, and other such documents/ records as required by the client’s individual needs and provide them to them to the client when requested.

Does the company provide me other services such as light checks or lock ups if I need them?

All services and fees should be clearly specified in your contract.

Does the company have 24 hour communication in place for emergencies if I need to reach them?

A reputable private security company should provide you with a way to contact management, even at night, on weekends and during holidays.

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