GSAT Technology





GSATThere is a lot we cannot tell you about our surveillance due to security reasons, but we can say that our primary goal is to ensure that our officers and our clients and their property are protected. We have designed and implemented a GPS tracking center that monitors every officer on patrol with an automated system that updates regularly on a predetermined schedule thus ensuring the safety of every officer as well as monitoring each officer’s movement and coverage area on the property. Our state of the art GPS system also monitors all S.E.A.L. Security Texas vehicles and specifically tracks the routes, speed and direction of the vehicles during the security patrol. Highly trained GSAT operators are able to dispatch city and county Police, Fire, and Medical personnel for a quicker response time to provide our clients the most effective and safest way to handle emergency situations. Every noteworthy incident is documented in a control log, providing easy reference for review and record keeping. Centralized control, 24 hour monitoring and tracking, fast radio communications with officers with dedicated operators standing by to monitor and assist officers in the field, gives S.E.A.L. the foundation to provide superior service and reaction time to our clients.